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Landor Association Networking

On Thursday 25 April we welcomed over 60 guests to our second Landor Association networking evening. The focus this year was on medicine and allied health professions.

The Medical Careers Networking Evening was a truly fascinating event where King’s High and Warwick Prep pupils aspiring to work in health related fields listened to captivating talks by keynote speakers. These were all from the school community and brought together Old Girls, parents and friends of the school. Afterwards the girls were able to question and network personally with the guests from a variety of medical occupations.  The event was incredibly diverse – with talks from nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, flight nurses and doctors as well as a professor of trauma and orthopaedic surgery, and we all gained extensive knowledge of theses occupations and the lives of the speakers.

We were introduced to the reality of medicine from the keynote speakers. Their experiences ranged from volunteering as a dentist in Botswana, to designing the medical centre for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, to delivering a baby at 3,000 feet, to leading a research team in new innovative orthopaedic surgical procedures, to the great sense of pride nurses feel as they discharge their patients to go home as well as the trust required by physiotherapists from their patients.

The evening stimulated intellectual curiosity in these fields for everyone who attended and has definitely made a lasting impression upon many of our pupils. This was increased with the networking opportunity. The girls found it incredibly useful to ask questions, trying to glean as much knowledge from the speakers as possible.

Report by Lottie Quinn