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Announcement from the Principal

Message from Mr Richard Nicholson, Principal of the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

Dear Landor Association members

Over the centuries, our Foundation has changed and developed.  Since the foundation of Warwick School in 914, King’s High came into being in 1879, and Warwick Prep in 1945.  As part of this evolution, I am delighted to tell you that The Kingsley School in Leamington Spa will also now become part of the Foundation family.

The Kingsley School is already well known to many within the Foundation and the wider community.  We enjoy close informal links, with a number of families having children at both Kingsley and the Foundation schools, and the Heads of King’s High and Kingsley work together closely as members of The Girls Schools’ Association. 

Whilst Kingsley already shares our values and our vision, it has its own proud history and educational track record, and it will remain distinct from the current Foundation schools, retaining its unique character and ethos. As The Warwick Independent Schools Foundation’s charitable object is to advance education in the locality, it is this difference that serves to enrich the range of choice we are able to provide. For example, Kingsley will stay on its present site, under its own Head, who will report to me as Principal, and staff; its uniform and logo will remain the same.

This is a merger of the charities which run the schools, not a merger of the schools, and a number of the current Kingsley Board of Governors will join the current Foundation Board. 

Whilst this is an important moment for The Foundation, from a day to day perspective, there will be no difference to the lives of our pupils and staff on this site. The Heads remain focused on the continued development of their schools, and the full realisation of our ‘best of both worlds’ education. 

In amongst the ongoing and multiple challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a moment of good news, and we warmly welcome The Kingsley School to the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation family.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Nicholson

Foundation Principal