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Landor Association Lecture - Dr Anne Whitehouse

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting our second Landor Lecture of 2021. Old Girl, Dr Anne Whitehouse (KHS 1980 -1987) is the speaker for this event. This will be held via Teams on Monday 14th June at 7pm. Please book your places here.

Dr Anne Whitehouse went to Jesus College Cambridge after King’s High, gaining a PhD in Natural Sciences. She then embarked upon a career as a lecturer at the University of Leicester. It was at this point that she came up against the ‘Boys’ Club’…. 

To her astonishment, her confidence evaporated, and she began to suffer with stress, anxiety and burnout, which ultimately caused her to leave her scientific career. She started what became a 20 year quest to understand what had caused her extreme reaction in a career for which she was eminently qualified.

The result is her feminist self-help book, ‘Pull Back Your Power’, and her career as a feminine confidence life coach.

Some of you may remember that Dr Whitehouse gave a talk to the Hobbs Society just before the first lockdown last year, and those there will confirm that she is a marvellous speaker with a wonderful thesis to empower women.

You can watch the event here on the night.